Pets in the Neighbourhood

The NZCAR now has its very own cartoon series!

'Pets in the Neighbourhood' will be a fun and different way to promote the value of microchipping, as well as the many other services of the NZCAR. As they develop we do not rule out adding other characters and references too. Already in the design of our intial cartoons (a fun process!) sometimes the cat is the smart one and sometimes the dog is, depending on the circumstances. We hope you enjoy them all though.

01 chips

The cartoons are free to use by any organisation as long as they are not altered, edited, cropped or otherwise changed, and as long as they keep the NZCAR copyright underneath. We already have the  cartoons below, and others will follow every quarter. Keep your eyes open.

If you are interested in using our cartoons, please email the NZCAR team to discuss access to high quality art, and confirming you agree to comply with the licence terms and conditions listed above.

Current Cartoons include:

Click on the images below to see a larger version.

01 chips 02 qualified 03 crazycat 04 catdoor

About the Cartoonist

This new series is being drawn by New Zealand cartoonist, Colin Langmead. Colin has been a professional cartoonist and illustrator for over 20 years. He graduated in Visual Communication in the UK, before returning to New Zealand and designing his first sheep themed greeting card under the banner "Ewe Zealand Made".

From cards, Colin moved into producing cartoons. His work has been syndicated in various magazines and newspapers both within New Zealand, and overseas. The range of comic strips produced includes "The Wool Blacks", "Cattle an Tics", "Thoughts for Ewe" and his more inspirational "Love Ewe" range.

Colins website is