NZCAR leading the world in lost pet recovery.

PRESS RELEASE - 01 December 2017

New NZCAR initiative site leading the world in lost pet recovery. is an initiative by the New Zealand Companion Animal Register (NZCAR), New Zealand’s largest dedicated repatriation database for companion animals. 

The goal is to bring together as many lost pet agencies and technologies as possible into one location. The advantage of one FREE location for all lost and found pets is everybody will know where to look. Overseas experience has shown when there are multiple databases, it is very easy for owners and finders to miss each other if using different systems. is not a replacement for microchipping and registration, but it is a huge step forward for ensuring that both chipped and non-chipped pets have a much greater chance of getting home.

NZCAR Manager, Nygllhuw Morris says “The NZCAR is extremely pleased to partner with the SPCA, NZIAM, Pets on the Net, and Neighbourly, so we can all work together” He added that “More partners will be added as more organisations sign up to use”

One of the first to join was, a leading lost pet portal since 2002. Pets on the Nets founder, Kim Buchanan, will also write a Lost Pet advice blog and help manage social media.

The SPCA is also supporting As a founder of the NZCAR, the partnership to help lost pets has existed for over 10 years. The SPCA is the only animal welfare charity that serves the whole country and many owners turn to them for help when they lose their pets. will also work with the NZIAM to list lost pets and to promote responsible pet ownership. If dogs are registered with their local Council it increases the chances of getting home.

Neighbourly, the online community tool, has also come on board. Whenever a lost or found pet is listed on, it is automatically notified to Neighbourly users in the locality.

The NZCAR is also leading the way by bringing new technologies to New Zealand. In 2015, Scanner Angel was introduced and since then over 650 free microchip readers have been given away. This smart scanner network allows Halo microchip readers to download and display chip numbers of missing pets to allow quicker identification.

In early 2018, the NZCAR is launching New Zealand’s first facial recognition system for animals. This advanced software can take the image of a found pet and compare it against hundreds of thousands of images to identify the animal in a few minutes. ‘Good Samaritans’ can upload images of found animals by phone, expanding the lost and found network into the public arena.

Nygllhuw Morris, says “Overseas experts have suggested that when fully up and running, will give New Zealand, one of the most, if not the most, advanced lost and found pet network in the world.” is a free tool for use by anyone. It is funded by the New Zealand Companion Animal Council.

For more information on this exciting new venture, visit

NZCAR Newsletter for Implanters - Feb 2017

170207 nzcarnews web 1The latest edition of the NZCAR newsletter is now available to download. Click the image, or click here to view the 1.55mb PDF file. This issue's articles include:

  • NZCAR reaching 500,000 registrations
  • About Scanner Angel
  • NZCAC 2017 Meeting Dates
  • Five Useful Tidbits for Implanters
  • Registration at the time of Implantation
  • Microchip Pricing

For any information on any items raised in the nesletter, call 0800 LOSTPET (567873), or email

2016 Finishes With A Milestone

In the final few days of December 2016, the NZCAR registered its 500,000th animal onto the NZCAR. This is a huge number of animals being protected to ensure they stand the best chance of getting home.

On any given day there are between 3,000 and 4,000 listed as missing on the system, but every day we know the NZCAR is helping many of these animals get home again.

We are not resting on our laurels though. 2017 is going to see the NZCAR develop even more features to ensure it remains the absolute best repatriation system in New Zealand, if not one of the best in the world.

Unlike overseas countries where animals fall through the gaps from a plethora of databases and lost pet services, New Zealand is extremely fortunate to have one major system that links over 840 organisations and utilises a number of exclusive technologies creating a powerful and effective lost pet system.

We are also especially proud of our work alongside the SPCA and Pets on the Net, where we market under "Working Together To Get Lost Pets Home".

The other often forgotten fact is the NZCAR is a not for profit database and administered by six of the leading companion animal welfare organisations in New Zealand. Profits from the register are used to help fund companion animal charities and projects in New Zealand.

So a BIG thank you to all the pet owners supporting the NZCAR and we wish you and your pet a great 2017.