NZCAR Newsletter for Implanters - October 2016

161026 nzcarnews webThe latest edition of the NZCAR newsletter is now available to download. Click the image, or click here to view the 1.55mb PDF file. This issue's articles include:

  • NZCAR implanter Guidelines
  • Snip'n'Chip
  • NZCAC 2016 Conference Reports
  • Interesting 2016 Pet Statistics
  • Microchip Pricing
  • Microchip Reader Pricing

For any information on any items raised in the nesletter, call 0800 LOSTPET (567873), or email

Snip'n'Chip Campaign Launched

Wellington SPCA in partnership with Wellington City Council and with the support of NZCAR and a number of Central Wellington veterinary practices is happy to announce the launch of snip’n’chip.

This special campaign is offering Wellington cat owners heavily discounted desexing and microchipping for your favourite feline.

The aim is to provide the best possible life for their cats by reducing the number of unwanted kittens and by helping all lost cats find their way home. Owners can also receive sound advice on how pet cats and native wildlife can better share their urban and suburban surroundings.

This campaign is only available until the 15th December, so get in fast to ensure you're giving your cat the life it deserves!

THIS PROMOTION IS AVAILABLE TO WELLINGTON CITY RESIDENTS ONLY. To see the list of suburbs, and check out the participtaing vet clinics visit the SPCA page at the link below.

For more details visit:


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Lonely Miaow Cat Care Booklet

catcare booklet 400pxAt the 2016 NZCAC Conference in Wellington, the Lonely Miaow had copies of their latest booklet called "Cat Care - Your Basic Guide to Caring for Cats and Kittens."

This useful booklet is a very helpful guide for new and existing cat owners. Click the image at the side to view the booklet online, or click here (PDF - 1.12mb).

The booklet contained the following sections:

  • Contents
  • Caring for your Cat or Kitten
  • Feeding
  • The First Week
  • Period of Adjustment
  • Keep Safe
  • Moving House
  • Reassuring Existing Cats
  • Introducing Cats & Dogs or Other Pets
  • Young Children and Kittens
  • Preventing Bad Habits
  • Play Time
  • Holidays
  • Missing Cat
  • Equipment
  • Ongoing Costs
  • General Health

A big thank you to the Lonely Miaow team for allowing the NZCAR to republish the booklet on our site.

About the Lonely Miaow Association

Founded in 1995, The Lonely Miaow Association is an incorporated, non-profit organisation dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming of stray and abandoned cats and kittens in the greater Auckland area. The cats and kittens we rescue all receive a thorough health assessment and ongoing care which is undertaken by one of our supporting vets. Our cats and kittens are cared for in volunteer foster homes and when ready, adopted out to their very own loving, forever home.

For more information, general  enquiries, or to find out how  to support  our life-saving work, visit their website:

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