Scanner Angel and Halo Scanners

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Scanner Angel Introduction.

In May 2015, the NZCAR launched Scanner Angel into New Zealand. Created by the Pet Accessory Workshop in Guernsey, this software works with the Halo and NZCAR Microchip readers to add extra functionality to the units. 

The NZCAR/Halo readers have the ability to sychronise with the NZCAR database when plugged in to recharge. On connection they will download a full list of microchip numbers for animals currently reported as missing on the NZCAR, as well as uploading a report of any reported missing numbers that have been scanned since the last recharge. When a user scans an animal reported as missing , the scanners also display an alert on the screen.

The NZCAR/Halo scanner will read all 15 digit (FDX-B) microchips and 10 digit (FDX-A FECAVA) microchips. The 15 digit microchips are those that are used throughout Europe and most of the world. The 10 digit microchips were used in the UK about 15 years ago and are common in the USA. The Halo will NOT read HDX chips or Trovan proprietary encrypted microchips.

Scanner Giveaway & Low Cost Scanners

UPDATED: 01 AUGUST 2017 The current free scanner campaign has ended. We hope to repeat the free offer again in the future subject to funding.

The NZCAR has given away over 800 free NZCAR/Halo scanners as part of a campaign to make scanning more accessible for the public. This campaign has finished, but we are hoping to be able to repeat this offer in the future. Halo scanners are available for sale from the NZCAR at a low price of just $125 + GST and courier. This is around half of the normal retail price in New Zealand, and has been achieved by Pet Accessory Workshop supplying scanners at a very good price, along with NO MARKUP being added by the NZCAR.

By selling a low-cost, high quality scanner the NZCAR hopes that one day whenever a lost pet is found, it will only be within 10 minutes of a scanner that can be used to read the chip and then access the NZCAR to contact the owners.

Software installation for network or non-admin users

The Scanner Angel software is Windows compatible only. It will not run using MacOS at this time. The latest version of the software is v2.3 and this can be downloaded from the UK Scanner Angel website (click here for v2.5 exe file - file size 2.1mb).

The software must be loaded by someone with administrator rights, or the primary user of the machine. If you are installing on a network you may get an error when trying to connect the scanner. If this occurs you can try giving the folder "c:\program files(x86)\scanner angel" administrator rights so that it can be written to. This should fix the issue.

If you are having issues installing the software, please call 0800 lostpet and ask for Nygllhuw. If we can not find the answer ourselves, we can seek the answer from the software creators directly.

Scanner Angel Online

To read more about Scanner Angel, you can visit the scanner angel websites.