NZCAR "PiP" Facial Recognition Service Now Available

The NZCAR can now use the power of facial recognition technology to re-unite lost pets with their families.

170728 pagepromoIt’s as simple as taking a picture and registering your pet before they go missing.

The NZCAR have amalgamated the most advanced Pet Facial Recognition Technology “PiP”, into the NZCAR microchip database.

By combining these two technologies, along with our already successful integration of the Scanner Angel Smart Scanner system, the NZCAR is in the process of revolutionising how lost pets are found.

How does it help a found animal?

Any member of the public or 'good samaritan' who finds a pet can simply upload a photo to the NZCAR’s “PiP” application. These are then immediately analysed and matched with photos of pets identified as lost in "PiP". If the match cannot be found with the pets reported as lost, it then scans the entire NZCAC "PiP database for matches.

This entire search can be completed in just a few minutes. If there are mutiple matches of animals that are very similar, it brings these up on our trained operators screens. Then using the software custom developed for the NZCAR, we can quickly eliminate any "false positives" by other criteria such as sex and location.

Do you want to report a found pet, click here

How does it help a lost pet?

When your pet’s photo and unique identifying features are registered in the NZCAR, we can can quickly determine a match between your lost pet and any found pet in the area. Facial Recognition offers a huge step forward in the identification of missing pets.

While it does not replace the uniqueness or guarantee of microchip identification, it can quickly narrow the possible options from thousands of animals to only a few possibilities when a microchip scanner is not available.

It also has the huge advantange that it is a mobile capable technology. This puts the technology in the hands of many more people, who can all act as a "Good Samaritans" when they find a lost pet.

The other great feature of our "PiP" facial system is when a pet is reported as missing, the new software can automatically create a facebook post on our pages, as well as send a notification to vets and other NZCAR agents in the area.

Just as with an NZCAR microchip only registration, a missing pet can also be automatically listed on our FREE system. listings appear on our new geocoded maps, our Pets on the Net listings system and are also automatically notified to Neighbourly users in the locality.

What does it cost?

Registrations for the NZCAR "PiP" Facial Recognition in New Zealand opened in December 2017. The NZCAR costs is broken down as follows:

$15.00 - standard NZCAR microchip only registration
$25.00 - Upgrade existing NZCAR registration to "PiP" (until 31 March 2018)
$45.00 - New NZCAR microchip registration combined with "PiP" facial recognition.

These costs are one-off fees for the life of the animal. There are no other hidden costs, no annual charges and, more importantly, the cost does not suddenly increase to a much higher cost if you want to register after your pet has gone missing.

If you do not wish to microchip your pet, but do want to register for facial recognition the cost is a one-off fee of $45 for the life of the animal.

Special offer for existing NZCAR clients

As an introductory promotion any owner with a pet already on the NZCAR can add facial recognition for just $25 until 31 March 2018. This is a saving of $5 on the standard cost.

Click here to register your pet if you are already on the NZCAR.

Click here to register if your pet is NOT already on the NZCAR.