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Useful Downloads

01. NZCAR Promotional Flyer (PDF - 814kb)

This flyer explains who the NZCAR is and how our service works. Hard copies are also available for implanters who would like to market our service. Please call or email for more details.

02. NZCAR Registration Form (PDF - 125kb) Updated 27 Feb 2017

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This flyer is for those wishing to register their pet directly with the NZCAR, or for implanters looking for a master copy to print from. If you are a pet owner we recommend registering through your vet, otherwise you can use this form and send to us noting that you wish to pay Animal Register the registration fee directly.

03. Implanter Instructions (PDF - 58kb) Updated 27 Feb 2017

nzcar implant
These instructions for implanters offer a recommended process for the microchipping and implanting of animals. They have been prepared by the NZCAR stakeholders, whose members are leading companion animal organisations within New Zealand.

Online Lost Pet Poster generator

The NZCAR offers a free Lost Pet, Lost Dog and Lost Cat poster generator for use by all pet owners. The generator creates a PDF file that can be printed or circulated. Click here to access the poster system.

Other publications

The New Zealand Companion Animal Council also has a range of publications available and these can be viewed on their website. Click here to access the NZCAC publications page.